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Meet Nova Voce's Co-Founders

Following a choral workshop for Maritime men led by Dianne Loomer of Vancouver’s Chor Leoni in the fall of 2003, Terry Hurrell and Joe Renzi agreed to form and direct a men’s choir.

JOE (Guiseppe) RENZI

Joe is a native of Sydney, Nova Scotia. He studied music at Dalhousie University, graduating in 1999, and then went on to study information technology. Joe has continued with his love of music, co-founding and singing in Nova Voce until his move to Grand Prairie, Alberta. His return to his hometown of Sydney has given him the opportunity to sing with Cape Breton Chorale and become involved with the Cape Breton Youth Choir.

We welcome Joe back to Nova Voce to lend his voice in two solo performances.


After training as a music educator in England, Terry Hurrell and his wife, Stephanie, came to Nova Scotia in 1967, and he became deeply involved in the music scene.

An educator, innovator, music director and vocalist, Terry found his niche in choral music. He has been the founding music director of such diverse groups as the Lockeport Male Choir, Liverpool Boys’ Choir, Halifax Boys Honour Choir, Queens County Community Choir, Nova Scotia Youth Chamber Choir, and two church handbell choirs.  He is also the former Choral Conductor of Jubilate Singers.  Terry is an Honorary Life Member of the Nova Scotia Music Educators’ Association. He led Nova Voce from January 2004 until his retirement in December 2010.  

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