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It begins…

In 2004, a new and distinctive voice was added to Nova Scotia’s choral landscape. The choir performed in public for the first time in June that year, in Wolfville. The following year Stephen Pederson, writing for the Halifax Herald, reviewed a concert at Neptune Theatre and wrote “they astonished me with their opening chord, a sound as soft as velvet and as deep as midnight…”

In 2005, the choir represented Nova Scotia at Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. The choir successfully auditioned for Festival 500 in St. John’s NL in 2007. Nova Voce was one of thirty-one choirs in attendance from around the world that year and benefited from both the cosmopolitan exposure and choral workshops. Nova Voce appeared at Podium 2008 in Sackville, NB, the annual meeting of Canada’s choral conductors. In 2012, Nova Voce attended the Europa Cantat Festival in Turino, Italy, hosted by the European Choral Association. In 2014, Nova Voce once again performed at Podium, was featured at the World Curling Championships opening ceremony, and toured the Mid Atlantic United States, successfully raising over $20,000 for local charities.

Nova Voce’s sound and repertoire have grown and matured as it continues to fulfill its mandate as Nova Scotia’s provincial men’s choir – there are very few provincial towns that have not had an opportunity to experience our music. As well, the choir has delighted audiences with joint performances with Symphony Nova Scotia, SNS Chorus, the Aeolean Singers, the Stadacona Band, the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir, The Halifax Boys’ Honour Choir, Soundtrax, Nova Sinfonia, the Phoenix Community Choir, the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir, Ardyth & Jennifer, and the Rhapsody Quintet.

The choir has released three CDs, Nova Voce in 2008 (sold out), Making Waves in 2010 and There Shall A Star (with the Halifax Boys’ Honour Choir) in 2014.  CD's are available for purchase at all concerts.

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